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Part #2 Considerations for Programming OCTS

We previously talked about the weekly structure of the OCTS, now we’ll discuss a 3-month block program. Each training block needs to develop the appropriate physical qualities of the athlete. Programming for this can encompass several schools of thought. Two that we use throughout any program is the push the ceiling vs pull the floor from Mladen Jovanovic. Either we are pushing into the unknown (adaptation) or pulling the car in the garage to protect it (limiting downside). This is done consistently through our programs, it just depends on how, why, and your ability to track changes appropriately. Now given the name accumulation it’s obvious what the emphasis is in the first training block. However, that doesn’t mean throwing as much volume at someone just for the sake of volume. Keep in mind there are at least two other training blocks following this one, and you only need to deliver what needs to be done for the next training block. A great way to structure this is to take a top down AND bottom up look at what you are doing and how each block will transition to the next. Once this block is complete we perform assessments to understand what we changed (pushing) and what we kept the same (pulling). These may adjust some of the training in the next block. The intensification block typically ramps up the intensity via load or exercise/progression (shocking I know). Still keep in mind there may be things changed that have little effect on the program measurements but aid in the athlete’s ability to maintain physical qualities or robustness. After this training block we again assess measurements in a push and pull manner, allowing for objective adjustments to be made one more time. The final block of realization can be thought of as your specific development exercises and maybe your competition type exercises depending on the relation to the season. This would be a block where you have the most ballistic and complex movements implemented to hit the targets you set out to achieve. If you do not understand what complex means I will direct you to several books that may be able to give you a better understanding, just reach out. Keep in mind there is still some inclusion of pulling*(see above) movements so that if all else fails we still have a backing of quality steady work to build the athlete. While we have great success with this offseason program, realize this is not a one size fits all program. There are the factors of effort and discipline that go into developing anyone (athlete or not) and if those two behaviors are not present, no program will deliver the results they are seeking. After completion, we perform a review of things that worked/didn’t, we liked/didn’t, and had value/didn’t. Sometimes the answers aren’t black and white but they help us move forward with our ability to help the athletes that work with us. 

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